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So, let me explain the story behind this "event". It was just like any other normal session of Minecraft. I was exploring a Jungle in hopes of finding a Temple. I had a friend that was in the session as i was, but, he was back at our base adding on to our pig farm. I got some melons and coco beans before i stumbled upon a Temple! finally, I found a Temple. I headed inside and broke the traps and gather the loot that was inside of them. When i was leaving something caught my eye. There was a gold block in the corner of the room. I thought it was my lucky day and so i mined the gold block and before i knew it the floor beneath me opened up like the mouth of a kraken. I screamed when it happened and my friend was abruptly asking what happened. I fall at least 50 blocks before i hit the ground. Surprisingly i didn't die but that didn't matter to me at all. What did matter was, where i ended up. This place was eerie and had a spine chilling vibe to it. My friend then asked my for my cords. When I switched to my map its was blank. I just thought it was a glitch that happened and it was a coincidence that it happened when I fell in this place. I waited for my friend to come and save me given the vague description I gave him. I got bored and my curiosity peaked. I wanted to explore this place considering i was stuck here for however long until my friend found me. It was made of the same material. Striped oak with striped birch running across the floor. The lighting was very dim and was giving me a cold sweat. After i wonder this place for 5 minutes i realise that I was lost. I had no sense of direction so, like anyone that had a brain i started mining out, but, it wasn't braking. I started panicking, this stuff was like bedrock. I ran around to find the exit but the more i ran the darker and more maze like it became. I was genuinely scared at this point and considered leaving the game. My friend begged me not to because this was a Ps4 server so if i left it would stop the session. I listened to him and stayed. I calmed myself down and kept walking. I had at least traveled over 2000 blocks and i had no idea a in-game structure could be this long. I finally came to terms with myself that i was stuck. No matter what I did. Me and my friend decided that we would delete the world and start over.

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